Product Change Notices

At Fox we are always trying to innovate, improve, and evolve. This will sometimes result in changes to current products. Below is a list of existing PCNs or use the PCN search to look up a particular product.

PCN #Date PostedType of ChangeProducts AffectedView PCN
1015314/8/2019Product End of Life (EOL)KFSM (former FSMLF)
1015364/8/2019Product Change NotificationStandard Part Number Change
1014231/23/2019Product Change NotificationC6BS (FMB) - Carrier Tape Change
1014391/18/2019Product End of Life (EOL)C4UT (HC49ULF) See PCN for specific part numbers
10133609/26/2018Product Change NotificationO1HS (former F130, F140, F110 Series), O1HA (former FA130 Series) - Dimensional Tolerance Change
10130808/23/2018Product Change NotificationC3BQ (former FQ3225B), C5BQ (former FQ5032B), C5AQ (former FQ5032A), C8AQ (former FQ1045A)
1055-107/02/2018Product Change NotificationF32K
53906/01/2018Product End of Life (EOL)C4UT (former HC49ULF)
1001-104/20/2018Product End of Life (EOL)C6AQ (former FQ6035A), C6BQ (former FQ6035B), C7AQ (former FQ7050A), C7BQ (former FQ7050B)
53510/13/2017Product Change NotificationC3BQ (former FQ3225B), C5AQ (former FQ5032A), C5BQ (former FQ5032B), C6AQ (former FQ6035A), C6BQ (former FQ6035B), C7AQ (former FQ7050A), C7BQ (former FQ7050B), C8AQ (former FQ1045A)
53309/13/2017Product Change NotificationC4BS (former FX425B)
53109/06/2017Product End of Life (EOL)C4UT (former HC49ULF) All frequencies under 3.579545 MHz
52908/01/2017Product Change NotificationO7PS Series (Former F4600, F4620 Series) O7LS (Former F4700, F4710 Series)
52604/06/2017Product Change NotificationC5BS (former FX532B)
52303/20/2017Product Change NotificationK161 (former FX161)
52202/16/2017Product Change NotificationO7HSC (former F4100 series)
52001/17/2017Product End of Life (EOL)FX-3
51812/13/2016Product Change NotificationAll FTS Series Sine Wave OCXO
50411/11/2016Product Change NotificationFox331, Fox321, Fox333, Fox332
50706/16/2016Product Change Notification2x1.6mm to 10x4.5mm Crystals
49105/16/2016Product Change NotificationAll FAxxx series automotive grade XOs
47105/12/2016Product Change Notification3.3V SMD Stratum III TCXO/VCTCXO
49904/25/2016Product End of Life (EOL)All FOX923_6 TCXO/VCTCXO Versions
49704/25/2016Product End of Life (EOL)All FCL, FCP Oscillators
49504/25/2016Product Change NotificationAll Fox Products
49404/25/2016Product Change NotificationFSXLF
48804/25/2016Product Change NotificationFXA2016B, FX216C, FXA242BS...
48712/15/2015Product End of Life (EOL)Ceramic Resonators
48411/25/2015Product End of Life (EOL)HC49SPXLF
47008/03/2015Product End of Life (EOL)Mylar spacer for HC49ULF & HC49SLF
46606/23/2015Product End of Life (EOL)FPXLF
46506/15/2015Product Change NotificationHC49SLF, HC49SSLF, HC49ULF
46003/30/2015Specification ChangeHC49SLF, HC49SDLF
45903/24/2015Packaging Specification ChangeFX135, FX135L
45209/24/2014Product End of Life (EOL)FXTC
43002/21/2014Product Change NotificationFD
42901/29/2014Product Change NotificationF3345/F3355 Series
41909/26/2013Product Change NotificationFOX923CH, FOX923CEH
41508/12/2013Product Change NotificationFX216C
40402/25/2013Product Change NotificationFOX251, FOX351, FOX551, FOX751
39911/27/2012Product Change NotificationResin Seal SMD Crystals
39609/27/2012Product End of Life (EOL)FEG
39009/27/2012Product Change NotificationFX216C
38604/03/2012Product End of Life (EOL)All Dip Oscillator (XO, VCXO, TCXO)
34403/27/2012Product STD Reel QTY ChangeXpressO 3.2x2.5mm Packages
38501/13/2012Product Change NotificationNC38LF Series
38001/10/2012Product Change NotificationF4600 Series
37301/10/2012Product Change NotificationFQ1045A
37710/24/2011Product Change NotificationF5C-2ELF, H5C-2ELF, F5C-2E3LF, H5C-2E3LF, F1100ELF
36904/27/2011Product Change NotificationFQ3225B
36109/03/2010Pin Connection RecommendationFSRLF & FSXLF
36008/11/2010Recommended Solder Pad Layout ChangeNC26SMLF
34905/28/2010Product Specification ChangesAll Auto Grade Crystals
38403/12/2010Product Change NotificationFSRLF
34703/23/2010SMD Crystal Materials ChangesFQ3225B, FQ5032A & B, FQ1045A
34603/23/2010SMD Crystal Specification ChangesFQ3225B & FQ1045A
34504/13/2010Product Specification ChangesFOX923 & FOX923_GP
34203/04/2010T/R Specification ChangesNC26SMLF
34103/04/2010SMD Crystal Specification ChangesFD
34003/04/20103.2x2.5mm package carrier tape colorAll 3.2x2.5mm SMD products
33903/04/2010Product End of Life (EOL)FQAG
3333/24/2009Product Tape and Reel ChangesFQ1045A
33107/08/2009Product End of Life (EOL)FSY
33007/02/2009Product End of Life (EOL)FOX307H
32906/15/2009Product End of Life (EOL)F254
32606/05/2009Product Frequency Range ChangesHC49SLF, HC49SDLF, HC49SSLF, HC49SSDLF
32506/03/2009Product Dimensional ChangesNC15LF
32405/07/2009Product Tape and Reel Specification Changes5x3.2mm HCMOS clock oscillators; F510, F520, F530L, F530LA, F540, F550L, F550H series 5x3.2 All Quartz crystals: FQ5032 series
32303/24/2009Product Height ChangeFOX923 Series
32102/25/2009Product Process ChangeFTE Series OCXOs
31902/25/2009Product End of Life (EOL)Non RoHS compliant FTS, FTE & FHS Series OCXOs
31802/04/2009Product Specification ChangeF4600 Series & F4620 Series
31712/30/2008Marking Specifications on Fox DatasheetsAll Fox Products
31210/21/2008Product End of Life (EOL)FOX783
31110/21/2008Product Recommended Solder Pad Layout ChangeF310, F330, F340 Series
31010/21/2008Product Process ChangeFX252BS Series
30407/15/2008Product End of Life (EOL)HC49ULFW
30206/09/2008Product End of Life (EOL)FX532C Series
30106/09/2008Product Specification ChangesFOX801LF & FOX801BHCLF Series
29905/27/2008Product Frequency Range ChangeF230 Series & F240 Series
29804/28/2008Product Specification ChangesFOX331
29704/14/2008Product Process ChangeFPC Series OCXOs
28904/28/2008Product Process ChangeFSXLF & FSRLF
28811/20/2007Product Pin Documentation ChangesXpressO HCMOS Single Output XOs: 5x3.2mm and 7.5x5mm packages
28702/25/2008Package ChangeFX252B
28602/25/2008Product Specification ChangesF254
28402/25/2008Product Process ChangeFSXLF
28310/22/2007Product Specification ChangesF254
28202/26/20087.5x5mm HCMOS 1.8V-2.85V Oscillators Optional Height DiscontinuanceF4300, F4400, F4500
28010/22/2007Product Dimensional ChangesAll Fox SMD products dimensional drawings
27609/04/2007Product Dimensional ChangesAll Quartz SMD Crystals: FQ5032 Series, FQ6035 Series, FQ7050 Series
28108/28/2007Product End of Life (EOL)Fox non RoHS compliant product families: HC49U, HC49S, HC49SS, HC49SD, HC49SSD, FPX, FSM, FSR, FSX, NC15, NC26 Series, NC38, All Monolithic Crystal Filters, F1100E Series, F5C-2E Series, H5C-2E Series, VCXO-B Series, VCXO-C Series, VCXO-D Series, VCXO-CH Series, VCXO-DH Series, F7250 Series, F7350 Series, FOX801 Series.
27808/09/2007Oscillators Height ChangeF4400 and F4500 series oscillators
27507/26/2007Product Dimensional ChangesAll 5x3.2mm Ceramic SMD 4 pad HCMOS Oscillators
27407/26/2007End of LifeFSOLF Series
27207/26/2007Product Specification ClarificationF330A Series
26605/10/2007End of LifeFOX465
26905/08/2007End of LifeF5L All Versions
26705/08/2007Product Specification ChangesFOX924 Series
26102/15/2007End of LifeRFXO Series All Versions
25902/07/2007Product Frequency Range ChangeHC49SSLF, HC49SSDLF
26001/26/2007Part MarkingFSRLF / FSMLF
25801/09/2007Product Dimensional ChangesFQ1045A
25212/05/2006End of LifeHC49SPX Series
25712/04/2006Dimensional ChangesHC49SDLF Series
25611/09/2006End of LifeJITO-2, JITO-T Product Line
22005/24/2006Product Process ChangeFSMLF, FSMALF, FSRLF
24905/15/2006End of LifeFX425A / FX325B
24705/01/2006Frequency Range ChangeJITO-2, JITO-T
24203/15/2006End of Life5 Volt versions of JITO-2 and JITO-T
24002/02/2006End of LifeFSN
23712/19/2005Product Process ChangeF5L-F, F5L-4F
23611/07/2005End of LifeReal Time Clocks
22305/02/2005Product Process ChangeVarious Products - see PCN
22404/19/2005End Of LifeFST
21512/17/2004Product Marking ChangeFSR, FSM and FSX
18811/14/2003End of LifeKFO Series
18209/01/2003Part Marking ChangeVarious Products - see PCN
17105/09/2003Product Process ChangeF530L Series
17004/16/2003End of LifeFSP
15904/01/2002SMD Product Part MarkingVarious Products - see PCN
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