Fox Standard Stocking - VCXOs & TCXOs
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VCSAXT Series Spec Sheet
FOX924B Series Spec Sheet
Frequency VCS25AXT
Part Number
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  Frequency FOX924B
Part Number
New Part
4.096000 VCS25AXT-0496    10.000 FOX924B-10.000 FT5HNBPK10.0 
8.192000 VCS25AXT-081 FY7HCJE8.192    12.000 FOX924B-12.000 FT5HNBPK12.0 
12.288000 VCS25AXT-128 FY7HCJE12.288   12.288 FOX924B-12.288  FT5HNBPK12.288
16.384000 VCS25AXT-163      14.7456 FOX924B-14.7456  FT5HNBPK14.7456
27.000000 VCS25AXT-270 FY7HCJE27.0     16.000  FOX924B-16.000  FT5HNBPK16.0
35.328000 VCS25AXT-353 FY7HCJE35.328    19.444  FOX924B-19.440 FT5HNBPK19.44 
44.736000 VCS25AXT-447 FY7HCJE44.736    20.000 FOX924B-20.000   FT5HNBPK20.0
         25.000 FOX924B-25.000  FT5HNBPK25.0
        27.000 FOX924B-27.000 FT5HNBPK27.0 
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