Fox hopes you are completely satisfied with your purchase. In the unlikely event that you wish to return a part believed to be defective or an incorrectly shipped item, please follow the procedure below to ensure prompt and accurate service of your return. (PDF Version)

1. Obtain RMA# from Fox Electronics RMA department (phone# 239-693-0099 or visit contact-us ). Note: RMA numbers are only valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

2. Prepare to communicate the following information for the RMA request.

A. Customer PO# or Fox SO# (located on original invoice)

B. Fox Part Number and Quantity to be returned

C. Product date code or manufacturing lot# (located on product or packaging labeling)

D. Reason for return. If evaluation request, provide detailed description of problem type with supporting data, customer application circuit schematic/layout and assembly-testing process.

E. Customer name, customer location, contact name, phone# and e-mail address.

3. Customer must ship part(s) to Fox pre-paid via UPS, Federal Express or other delivery service with tracking information. Any other shipping arrangement must be accepted by Fox. Please note; delivery tracking information is critical in assuring a timely resolution to your return issue.

4. All parts must be packaged properly (in original ESD packaging with labels intact) in shipping containers to ensure parts are not damaged during shipment. If parts are received improperly packaged, the parts may be disposed of and neither credit nor replacement will be issued. Shipping containers cannot exceed 40lbs. Fox will issue customer RMA packaging requirements via fax/e-mail as part of this procedure.

5. The RMA number must be legibly and clearly shown outside of the shipping package for proper processing. Address the package to be shipped to:

Fox Electronics
5570 Enterprise Parkway
Fort Myers, Florida 33905
Attn: RMA#

6. Failure to comply with RMA procedure may result in refusal of credit or product replacement. If this return process is not adhered to, the customer may experience delays in our analysis and final resolution. We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of this return process.