O7HS THUMB F4100 Standard HCMOS Oscillators
F4100 Spec Sheet
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Frequency F4100
Part Number
New Part Number Stability (MAX)   F4105/F4106
Part Number
Stability (MAX)
1.843200 F4100-018 FO7HSCAE1.8432 ±100PPM      
3.686400 F4100-0368 FO7HSCAE3.6864 ±100PPM      
4.000000 F4100-040 FO7HSCAE4.0 ±100PPM      
10.000000 F4100-100 FO7HSCAE10.0  ±100PPM      
14.318180 F4100-143 FO7HSCAE14.31818 ±100PPM   F4105-143 ±50PPM
16.000000 F4100-160 FO7HSCAE16.0 ±100PPM    
18.432000 F4100-184 FO7HSCAE18.432 ±100PPM    
20.000000 F4100-200 FO7HSCAE20.0  ±100PPM   F4105-200 ±50PPM
25.000000 F4100-250 FO7HSCAE25.0 ±100PPM   F4105-250 ±50PPM
32.000000 F4100-320 FO7HSCAE32.0  ±100PPM   F4105-320 ±50PPM
33.333000 F4100-333 FO7HSCAE33.333 ±100PPM    
40.000000 F4100-400 FO7HSCAE40.0 ±100PPM   F4105-400 ±50PPM
44.000000       F4106-440 ±25PPM
48.000000 F4100-480 FO7HSCAE48.0 ±100PPM    
50.000000 F4100-500 FO7HSCAE50.0 ±100PPM   F4105-500 ±±50PPM
60.000000 F4100-600 FO7HSCAE60.0  ±100PPM    
66.666700 F4100-666 FO7HSCAE66.6667 ±100PPM   F4105-666 ±50PPM
100.000000       F4105-1000 ±50PPM
106.250000 F4100-1062   ±100PPM   F4105-1062 ±50PPM
125.00000         F4105-1250 ±50PPM
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