Product Change Notification

PCN Publish Date: 04/07/05

PCN#: 224

Change Title: Product End of Life (EOL)

Products Affected:  Fox Model Number) FST

Fox Part Number)  415-Frequency-xxxx*

*xxxx = randomly generated number for specific parts.

Description of Change to the Customer: In an effort to streamline our SMD watch crystal product line, we are discontinuing our FST series.  

Suggested substitution for the FST is the FSRLF, (Fox Part Number 414LF-Frequency –xxxx).  (The package footprint is identical to the FST, however the crystal connections are at one end.)  The datasheet for the FSRLF can be viewed online at pdfs/fsrlf.pdf.  Please utilize this datasheet to determine if the FSRLF is the best option for your application. 

Schedule of Change: Fox will continue to support customer orders until current inventory is depleted.  Based on historical usage and existing inventory, projected date when inventory will be depleted is approx. June, 2005.   The actual time until inventory depletion is dependent on orders received. 

Customer Impact and Response: We sincerely hope this product discontinuance will have minimal impact on our customers.  If you have any questions, please contact Fox Technical Support at contact-us or call 239-693-0099.