Product Change Notification

Publish Date:               08/13/2004

PCN#:                        215

Title:                         SMD Watch Crystal Product Marking Change

Product Effected:       FSR, FSM and FSX watch crystals

Description of Change:  This marking change is being implemented to accommodate multiple crystal load options.

Model# Pre-Conversion Markings Post-Conversion Marking
FSR327 FSR327 FSR6, FSR12.5
FSM327 FSM327 FSM6, FSM12.5

Schedule of Change: Customers can expect to receive the new product marking beginning in October 2004.  Due to inventory replenishment rates, you can anticipate a transition period where both product markings are shipped until existing inventories are depleted.

Impact and Response: It is our intent to minimize any confusion this part marking change will impose on our customers.  Customers will see minor changes in the physical product marking as the electrical functionality of both markings remain unaffected and existing specification remain applicable.   If you feel this change will affect your business systems and application, please contact Fox to discuss how we may eliminate any confusion with this PCN.