Low G Sensitivity

G-sensitivity is a change in frequency resulting from an acceleration force applied to an frequency control device. When an frequency control device is in an application that is exposed to vibration, the frequency of the vibration will modulate the frequency degrading the phase noise. The dynamic performance of a quartz crystal resonator will degrade under adverse environmental conditions such as G forces (acceleration) or vibration. Fox Electronics has introduced the C3VR to improve Customer system performance when exposed to modern world environmental conditions. The state-of-the-art resonator incorporates Patented Technology that allow the FOX C3VR Product Series to hold system performance nearly uniform on all axes.

3D Part View
Here is a comparison of the acceleration sensitivity between a conventional quartz crystal and the Fox C3VR. As you can see from the chart above, replacing your conventional quartz crystal with the C3VR instantly gives you a massive improvement in sensitivity to acceleration. The less sensitivity to acceleration the better your phase noise. Better Phase noise means better communication and less data loss.
Conventional Frequency Control devices can show you a nice low phase noise plot, but put that same part under vibration and we get a 30 dBC/Hz difference
Put the C3VR in the same vibration conditions as the Conventional DUT and you still get the nice phase noise plot you expect. The Vibration is nearly cancelled.

Popular Frequencies and Applications

While the below list shows the most requested frequencies and specs, this is in no way the only frequencies and specs available. Many more have been developed, in addition we can do custom variations to meet your requirements.
Part NumberFrequencyPackage SizeToleranceStabilityTemperature RangeLoad CapacitanceApplication
FC3VREEDM38.438.4MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C8pFIoT, DECT, WiFi, Blue Tooth
FC3VREEDM38.8838.88 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C8pF5G Base Stations, SONET, SDH
FC3VREEDM40.040 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C8pFAutomotive Vison Systems, NXP S32V234, 802.11p, V2X RF Transceiver, WAVE, DRSC, IoT, Qualcomm QCA4020, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, Simplelink, Zigbee
FC3VREEDM48.048.0 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C8pFWifi, Bluetooth
FC3VREEEM38.438.4MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C10pFIoT, DECT, WiFi, Blue Tooth, Silicon Labs WF200 series Transceiver, BLE, Silabs Wireless Gecko SoC
FC3VREEGM36.036.0 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C12pFG.Fast, xDSL
FC3VREEGM38.438.4 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C12pFIoT, DECT, WiFi, Blue Tooth
FC3VREEGM38.8838.88 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C12pF5G Bases Stations, SONET, SDH
FC3VREEGM40.040.0 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C12pF802.11p WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, Simplelink, V2X RF Transceiver, WAVE, DRSC, IoT, Qualcomm QCA4020, Zigbee
FC3VREEGM50.050.0 MHz3.2x2.5mm+/-20 PPM+/-20 PPM-40C to +85C12pFEthernet, PLLs, Frequency Generators, Microcontrollers, Processors

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